*DELCO Soccer Spring League 2018*

The DELCO Soccer League (DSL) will begin accepting registrations for the 2018 Spring season starting December 8, 2017. DSL's Spring Season kicks off with games mid-March (weather permitting) and runs through May 20th with teams competing in 4-8 games on weekend afternoons.

What is DSL's Spring Season? It's a great way to build a strong, competitive plan for your team's spring schedule. With flexible scheduling, DSL provides U9 - U19 teams a good complement to tournaments and State Cup competitions.  As well with other sports competing with players' time, the flexible scheduling allows for dual-sport athletes to continue to compete as the weather warms and tryouts begin. DSL offers significant roster flexibility, including the use of club pass players, and the ability to schedule to meet the needs of cup play and spring sports.

DSL prides itself on offering the appropriate level of competition for all teams.  To accomplish this goal DSL now offers two levels of play:

       Dick Burke Premier Conferences for U11 to U19 teams seeking a more competitive level of play. These would typically be for Division 1, 2 teams or top-level Division 3 teams only who are looking to play at the top levels in the area and not as concerned with distance to opponents. Register for the Dick Burke Premier conferences if performance and playing at a top level is your team’s goal for the Spring.  The number of divisions is based on the number of teams enrolled and DSL’s determination of appropriate competitive match ups. Division placement will be strictly based upon competitive level. 

       Bob Urban Conferences for u9 to u19 teams who seek a more developmental style of play, focusing less on the winning and more on teaching the game and ensuring every player plays. This conference will have significantly reduced travel to games. All U9 and U10 teams will play in the Bob Urban Conference and be placed in appropriate level of play. U11 to U19 teams may apply to the Bob Urban Conference and all applicants will be accepted.  Divisional placement will be based primarily on geography, with some emphasis on competitive level. Teams should register for the Bob Urban Conferences if their primary focus is to develop and less on the result. The League will monitor all scores and game reports. Teams who are overpowered for a division will have their schedule modified to ensure balanced games.

  • Single Conference Age Groups – For some age groups that have less than 10 teams registering and those teams primarily registering for the same level of competition, we will at times have only one conference in an age group in the Spring. These Single Conference Age Groups will have one grouping of teams under either the Burke or Urban conference name.


Cup Qualification – If a team wants DSL to be their USYS cup qualifying league then per the cup rules there must be a minimum of 4 teams per division and each team must play each other (min of three games) before the cup games begin (league rules) These teams can opt to play just the min of 3 games or more games and will coordinate that with the winter commissioner when they register.  Teams in this league must complete their minimum number of games by the specified Cup Qualifying date; it is the team’s responsibility to accomplish this under the flexible scheduling rules of the DSL.

Cup Qualification League Important Information –

       The game schedules will have a certain amount of flexibility as the league commissioner will attempt to work around team conflicts that are provided during the registration process. 

       Game reports will be collected only being kept for proof of games played for cup qualifications but no standings will be posted.

       here will there be no playoffs at the end of the season or trophies awarded.

       No shows - If any team is a no show for a game, the team will be fined & the club will be placed in bad standing until the fine is paid. They will also be responsible for the full referee fee for any game they are a no show for as well due immediately to the referee assignor of that game to be paid to the referees.

 Spring Season Registration, Season & Scheduling Tips

1.       To register online Dec 8th through January 30th for Spring Season now, click here: http://www.delcosoccer.org/registration/Default.aspx

2.  Schedules will have a certain amount of flexibility as the Spring League Commissioner will work around team conflicts that are submitted during the registration application. Please ensure any tournaments or known conflicts on game dates (see below) are recorded into the Delco website along with registration information. Also, all teams are to work with each other to ensure any conflicts are resolved and games played. Game-changes can be done each week of the season and must be completed by Wednesday the week a game is played

3. For a team to have a bye weekend(s) for a tournament or any other special scheduling consideration, the team must log into the Delco website and go here http://www.delcosoccer.org/registration/teamRegistrationNotes.aspx  to log these requests by Jan 30th.

4.  Teams are permitted to have up to three "club pass" for each league game, but unlike the fall season these players can come from any team within the club that plays in the DELCO Soccer League (as long as the players are age appropriate/eligible for the team that they are guest playing with). For more information on Delco's Club Pass Policy click here

5.   DSL Spring Season does not have a roster freeze date, so roster changes can be made up to the Wednesday each week.

6.  Game reports will be collected, but standings will not be kept and playoffs will not be held at the end of the season nor trophies awarded.

7. All age groups will have the same style of play as offered in the Fall season. U9 and 10 – 7v7; U11 and U12 9v9 only.  U13 - U19 are 11v11 only

8. Fields and goals standards for the Spring are the same as the Fall. Please see here for the League’s standards

Team Registration

1.     All team registrations are done online at Delco's website

2.     Delegates must register the club first

3.     Once a club is registered, teams can then register

4.     Fields must be registered as well

5.     To access the registration functions, go to the League Registration from the Delco Home Page

6.     Fees 

       The Spring Season team registration fee for a team that played in the Delco Fall 2017 season with a current DELCO roster and player passes is $120/team

       The Spring Season team registration fee for a new team that did not previously play this past fall season in Delco ages U9-14 ages (up to 18 players on the roster) is $225(including insurance) and for U15 and above (up to 22 players on the roster) it is $255(including insurance)

       All checks are due no later than 1/30. Checks are made payable to DELCO SOCCER and Mailed to: Delco Soccer Spring League, 117 Carlton Place, Media, PA 19063

2018 Spring Season Schedule:

    Registration Closes 1/30/2018 - sorry no exceptions. Any team not paid by then will not be registered/schedules. 

       Week of Feb 5th  - Draft of Division Brackets posted

       Week of Feb 19h - Draft of Schedule released to club delegates for field and game time20 information

       Week of  Feb 26th - Final Schedule posted on the DELCO Soccer League website

       POTENTIAL Game Dates. Weekends of: March 18, 24  April 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19

Contact John Lenart, DELCO Spring Soccer Coordinator, dslspring@delcosoccer.org for more information.

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