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Club and Delegate Registration Agreement: As club delegate to the Delco Soccer League, I understan the importance of my role and the league's delegate responsibilities.  With this in mind, I have reviewed the league's Bylaws and Game Day Procedures.

I understand and agree to the league’s fee/fine schedule as noted in the league’s bylaws and understand it is my responsibility as club delegate to monitor my teams/coaches to make sure they are meeting their responsibilities, the league’s deadlines, and will make sure any fines assessed are paid in a timely manner.  I understand and will communicate to my club that I will be the initial point of contact for all communication between the league and my club officials/members.

Furthermore, I understand that it is my responsibility to instruct all club officials on the league’s policy and procedures and updates. I also understand that as delegate I am responsible for the maintaining of my club's contact information within the league's database. I will monitor my club's database for any additions, updates or corrections.

I agree to be my club's point of contact with our designated referee assignor throughout the season on a weekly basis including the review of my home games to reconfirm weekly scheduling.

I agree to meet all league registration deadlines, including teams’ division request validation and understand that any deadlines not meet can impact the placement my club’s teams in the league.

Team and Team Officials Registration Agreement: I have read and understood all Delco Soccer League (DSL) Rules and Regulations guiding completion of this registration.  I have reviewed all the information provided and certify that it is a complete and honest statement.  I acknowledge that knowingly furnishing incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information in the registration process to the DSL may give cause to the DSL to assess fines or penalties my club.

As a team official I agree that my team (including all coaches, players, and supporters) will
adhere to the Delco Soccer League's Bylaws.  I understand that my club's delegate is the initial point of contact for all league correspondence and that all team officials and parents must go through the club's delegate to contact the league.

I agree that I am responsible to communicate the league’s policies, including spectator sideline behavior and team sideline policy, as well as pre-game procedures to all members of my team prior to the start of the season Game Day Procedures.  This also includes the fee/fine schedule noted in the league's bylaws.

In addition, I understand the league’s policy on player red card send-offs and will not have a player who receives a red card participate in the team’s next scheduled league game(s) per to the league bylaws.

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